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Ruling 103

A person who does not believe in Allah or in His oneness is impure. Similarly, the following are impure: extremists (ghulāt) (i.e. those who regard one of the Imams (ʿA) as Allah, or say that Allah has immanence (ḥulūl) in the Imam (ʿA)),13 Kharijites (khawārij), and nawāṣib (i.e. those who show enmity towards the Imams (ʿA)). The same applies to a person who rejects prophethood or any one of the indispensable aspects of the religion – such as prayers (ṣalāh) and fasting (ṣawm) – if it is in a way that it amounts to refuting Prophet Muḥammad (Ṣ), albeit in a general manner. As for the People of the Book (ahl al‐kitāb) (i.e. Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians), they are ruled as being pure.

13 This refers to those who believe in the infusion or indwelling of Allah in the Imam (ʿA).