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5- Optional pilgrimage

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  • 130

    It is recommended to perform pilgrimage, if it were possible, even if one does not have the required means or has already performed the Hajjatul Islam. It is recommended to do so each year for those who can …

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  • 131

    It is recommended that at the time of departure from Makkah, one makes the intention to return there.

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  • 132

    It is recommended to send on obligatory pilgrimage someone who does not have the means to perform it himself. It is also recommended to take a loan to make the journey, if one was sure they can make …

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  • 133

    It is permissible for a person who receives zakah, from the share of the poor, to spend it on a recommended pilgrimage.

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  • 134

    It is conditional that a married woman, intending to perform an optional pilgrimage, obtain the consent of her husband. That is also the rule for a woman observing a waiting period (iddah) arising from a revocable divorce but …

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