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35- Rami of Jamarat

The thirteenth obligation in Hajj is rami of the three jamarat, the First (Oola), Middle (Wusta) and Last (Aqabah), on the eleventh and twelfth [of Thil Hijjah], and, as a matter of precaution, also on the thirteenth, if its eve was spent in Mina. It must be done in person; hiring an agent is not permitted, except for a good reason.

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  • 431

    It is obligatory to start rami of the First Jamrah , then the Middle and finally the Last. If this order is not followed, even due to an oversight or ignorance of the rule, the procedure must be …

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  • 432

    The obligations already set out under ‘The Fourth Obligation – 1 Rami of Jamratil Aqabah’, above, apply to the stoning of all the Jamarat.

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  • 433

    The stones must be thrown at the Jamarat during the day. The exceptions to the rule are those excused on grounds of ill health, fearing danger to their life, or any other valid reason, since they are permitted …

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  • 434

    If a person fails to perform rami on the eleventh through ignorance or oversight, it is obligatory on him to make up for it on the twelfth by way of qadha. If a person forgets to do so …

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  • 435

    If a person fails to perform rami due to oversight or ignorance and remembers after reaching Makkah, it is obligatory on him to return to Mina to perform it. If he had forgotten to perform rami on two …

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  • 436

    The pilgrim who cannot perform rami in person, such as the sick, should hire an agent to do it on his behalf. It is preferable that he should be present at the place of jamarat to witness his …

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  • 437

    Failure to perform rami does not invalidate Hajj, even if it was deliberate. However, it is obligatory to perform it qadha in person or by an agent in the following year, as a matter of precaution.

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