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29- Mina and the obligations there

When a pilgrim departs from Muzdalifah, it is obligatory to proceed to Mina to discharge one’s obligations which, as will be discussed in detail, are three:

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  • 377

    If, during stoning, a pilgrim entertains a doubt as to whether the stone struck the Jamrah or not, he must resolve that it did not. The exception being that he had already engaged himself in another obligation, or …

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  • 378

    Two things are to be taken into consideration regarding the stones: 1. They must have been picked within the boundaries of the Haram but not from the Holy Mosque or the Mosque of Khief, and better still, they …

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  • 379

    As a matter of precaution, the stones must be hitting the area of the Jamrah representing its original height; it is not sufficient to hit the extension and elevation recently made, and so is the upper storey of …

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  • 380

    If a pilgrim forgot to stone on the day of Eid or failed to do so out of ignorance of the rule, he must hasten to rectify the error whenever he remembers or learns of the rule. If …

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  • 381

    A pilgrim may forget to perform rami on Eid day, or fail to do so out of ignorance of the rule. Yet he may recall or become aware of the rule after having performed tawaf. In such a …

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