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28- Wuquf at Muzdalifah

The third obligation in Hajj-ut-Tamatu’ is wuquf at Muzdalifah which is also known as Mash’aril-Haraam. The limits, within which the wuquf is obligatory, are from Ma’zmein to Hiyadh and Wadi Muhassar. If, because of overcrowding and time constraints, it is not possible to be within the limits, one can climb Ma’zmein.

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  • 372

    When a pilgrim leaves Arafat, he must spend part of the night in Muzdalifah. He should, as a matter of precaution, stay till sunrise. That said, apparently he can depart from there, for Wadi Muhassar, before sunrise. However, …

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  • 373

    It is obligatory to stay at Muzdalifah from dawn till sunrise on the day of Eid. Nevertheless, wuquf throughout the period is not one of the fundamentals of Hajj. Thus, if a pilgrim stopped there for a period …

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  • 374

    If a person does not hold wuquf between dawn and sunrise at all, his Hajj is invalid. Women, children, the fearful, the weak, the aged, the sick, and those caring for them are exempt. It is permissible for …

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  • 375

    The wuquf at Muzdalifah must be with the intention of attaining nearness to Allah alone, as is the case for wuquf at Arafat.

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  • 376

    If a person forgets to hold wuquf at Muzdalifah or is, for another reason, unable to remain there between dawn and sunrise, he must do so for a period between sunrise and zawaal on the day of Eid. …

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