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27- Wuquf at Arafat

The second obligation in Hajj-ut-Tamatu’ is the stay at Arafat. The objective of performing this act of worship has to be the niyyah of qurbah (attainment of closes to Allah. The requirement is the presence in Arafat, regardless of whether the pilgrim is riding, walking, sitting or moving.

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  • 365

    The boundaries of Arafat are from Oranah, Thowayeh, Namerah to Thil Mijaz and Maazamein. Obviously, these boundaries are outside the places of wuquf for the pilgrims.

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  • 366

    Apparently, Mount Rahmah is within the part of the place for wuquf. However, it is recommended to stay on the flat land to the left of the mountain.

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  • 367

    What is important in wuquf is the niyyah. If a pilgrim had set out with such an intention, right from the start of time, and fell asleep or became unconscious throughout the remaining period, it suffices. However, if …

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  • 368

    Wuquf at Arafat should, as a matter of precaution, be from the beginning of zawaal on the ninth of Thil Hijjah till sunset. Apparently, a delay caused by performing ghusl or praying Dhuhr and Asr jointly is permissible. …

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  • 369

    If a pilgrim forgets to perform wuquf at Arafat or fails to do so out of ignorance, or other reasons, it is obligatory on him to perform it there for part of the Eid eve; his Hajj will …

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  • 370

    It is forbidden to depart from Arafat knowingly and deliberately before sunset. However, doing so does not invalidate the Hajj. There is no kaffarah incurred, if the pilgrim returns to Arafat. Otherwise, he must, as a matter of …

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  • 371

    Since performing Hajj rituals, such as wuquf at Arafat and Muzdalifah, stoning the Jamarat, and staying at Mina, is obligatory on certain days and nights of the month of Thil Hijjah, it is the duty of the pilgrim …

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