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26- Ihram for Hajj

As has already been stated, there are thirteen obligations in Hajj. These will now be dealt with in some detail:

The best time for wearing ihram for Hajj is the day of Tarwiyah which is the eighth of Thil Hijjah at zawaal. It is permissible for old and sick people who are fearful of overcrowding, to wear ihram, three days before then. They can wear ihram and leave Makkah before other people. Indeed, if need be, they can leave immediately after completing Umrat-ut-Tamatu’.

Similarly, it is permissible for those permitted to perform tawaf of Hajj before wuquf at Arafat and Muzdalifah, to wear ihram earlier, such as a lady fearing the onset of haydh. As has already been discussed, it is permissible to wear ihram for Hajj and leave Makkah, for a legitimate business, at any time, after completing Umrat-u-Tamatu’.
Evidently, it is also permissible to wear ihram, three days earlier than should be the case, and even earlier than that in certain circumstances.

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    As has already been discussed, it is not permissible for a pilgrim performing Umrat-ut-Tamatu’ to wear ihram for Hajj before taqseer. So is the case in Umrat-ul-Mufradah before completing the ceremonies of Hajj. However, it can be worn …

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  • 359

    Whoever can make the wuquf at Arafat on the specific day and time, it is not permissible for them to delay putting the ihram on until such a time when it becomes untenable.

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  • 360

    The rules governing the procedures, obligations and prohibitions of a state of ihram apply just as those governing both ihram for Umrah and Hajj. The only difference between them is in the niyyah.

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  • 361

    It is obligatory to wear ihram from Makkah as mentioned above. The best place for it is the Holy Mosque. It is recommended to wear the ihram after performing two raka’as of prayer at Maqam Ibrahim (a.s.) or …

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  • 362

    A pilgrim may forget to wear ihram, either inadvertently or because of ignorance of the rules, until he has left Makkah. If he remembers or becomes aware of the rules at a later time, it is obligatory on …

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  • 363

    If a pilgrim knowingly and deliberately fails to wear ihram, it is obligatory on him to rectify it. Should it not be possible to do so before the stay at Arafat, his Hajj is invalidated and he is …

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  • 364

    One must, as a matter of precaution, one make an optional tawaf after wearing ihram for Hajj and before departing from Makkah. If one does so, one must, as a matter of precaution, renew the talbiyah after tawaf.

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