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23- Obligations of Sa'y

This is the fourth obligation in Umrat-ut-Tamatu’. In sa’y too, intention to seek nearness to Allah is obligatory but there is no obligation to cover the private parts, [although exposing one’s genitals in a public place is not allowed], or for taharah from urine or excrement, although it is preferable (al awla) to be tahir during sa’y.

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  • 333

    Sa’y is to be performed after tawaf and its prayer. If it is performed before the tawaf or prayer, it is obligatory to repeat it after performing both. As for the one who forgets to perform tawaf, but …

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  • 334

    Niyyah to attain closeness to Allah, is essential in sa’y performed for Umrah or Hajj, whichever is applicable.

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  • 335

    Sa’y consists of seven laps. The first round starts at Safa and ends at Marwah. The second round is a reversal of the first, the third is like the first, and so on until the seventh round ends …

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  • 336

    If a person starts from Marwah, albeit due to an oversight, sa’y will be deemed invalid and he must resume from Safa.

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  • 337

    In sa’y, it is better, though not necessary, that a pilgrim walks; it is permissible to ride an animal or be carried by another person or pushed on a wheelchair.

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  • 338

    If his sa’y is to be considered in order, a pilgrim must carry out brisk walking between Safa and Marwah. This must also be carried out on the known track. It is not permissible to do the rounds …

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  • 339

    When walking towards Marwah, one must set his face to it. The same procedure should apply to Safa. It is not permissible to turn one’s back to Marwah, when proceeding to it, or turn one’s back to Safa, …

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  • 340

    A pilgrim must, as a matter of precaution, observe the order of rounds in sa’y. However, in the course of performing sa’y, it is permissible to sit at Safa, Marwah, or between them for rest. Yet one must, …

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