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Ritual 8

It is recommended that the guardian of a child, male or female, who is not capable of rational action, should help him or her assume ihram. That is, help them wear ihram and coach them in the recitation of the talbiyyah, if they are capable of comprehension.

Conversely, he should recite it for them. He must also restrain him from all matters which a pilgrim in a state of ihram must avoid. It is permissible to delay removing the clothes of a child till reaching Fakh if that route is taken. The child must then be instructed to perform all such acts of pilgrimage that he can. The guardian should perform on his behalf that which he is unable to do. The guardian should make the child perform tawaf, sa’y, between Safa and Marwah, wuquf at Arafat and Mash’ar; rami of jamarat, if they are able; otherwise, the guardian should throw them on his behalf. This is also true of tawaf prayer, taqseer, especially get their head shaved, and the remaining acts.

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