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Ritual 720

Ruling 720. Whenever the Friday prayer takes place with all its conditions fulfilled, if the one establishing it is the infallible Imam (ʿA) or his specific representative, it is obligatory to attend it; otherwise, it is not obligatory. In the first situation, however, it is not obligatory on the following groups of people to attend:

  1. 1. women;
  2. 2. slaves;
  3. 3. travellers, even those travellers whose duty is to perform the complete (tamām) form of the prayer, such as those who have made an intention to stay [at their destination for ten or more days];
  4. 4. the sick, blind, and aged;
  5. 5. those who are more than two farsakhs [6.8 miles] from a place of Friday prayer;
  6. 6. those who find it difficult and hard to attend the Friday prayer on account of rain, severe cold, or suchlike.