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Ritual 454

A group of jurists make a special provision in the case of the pilgrim who does not bring the hady with him, vowing at the time of wearing ihram to the effect that Allah relieves him at the place where he has been prevented from getting to the holy places by an enemy, illness, or any force majeure.

They are of the opinion that, having made this vow, the pilgrim can be relieved of all the prohibitions of ihram, and that there is no need for him to offer the hady, shave, perform tawaf or sa’y, necessary to resume sexual union with his wife.

Although this opinion could be tolerated, yet one should, as a matter of precaution, observe the procedure for undoing one’s ihram at the time when the obstruction arises, as discussed in the preceding Rules. Accordingly, such condition becomes redundant.

This concludes the obligations of Hajj. We can now turn to the code of conduct that would guide the pilgrim through carrying out that which is commendable to do and yield the reward from the Almighty. Scholars have covered this area in detail. So, we think that outlining some mustahab acts of worship, in the course of performing Hajj, in this work should suffice.