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Ritual 440

A Pilgrim, performing Hajj-ut-Tamatu’, could be prevented from holding the two wuqufs or, in particular, the one at Muzdalifah. He should, as a matter of precaution, perform tawaf and sa’y, then shave his head and sacrifice a sheep to end his state of ihram.

If he was prevented from tawaf and sa’y after the two wuqufs, the ceremonies at Mina, and was unable to hire an agent, he must offer the hady at the place where he was turned away.

If it is possible to hire an agent, he must, as a matter of precaution, do both, i.e. offer the hady and hire an agent to complete the ceremonies on his behalf.

If a person was prevented, especially from the ceremonies at Mina without affecting his entry into Makkah, he must, where possible, hire an agent to perform rami and offer the hady on his behalf. He can then have his head shaven or perform taqseer and, if possible, send his hair to Mina. Only then, can he come out of ihram, and perform the remaining rituals.

If it was not possible for him to hire an agent, he could be relieved from offering the hady; instead, he must fast, have his head shaven or perform taqseer. He can then proceed to Makkah to complete the ceremonies. All prohibitions observed in a state of ihram, including those regarding intimacy with his wife, shall be lifted. His Hajj will be valid.