The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 41

Just as it is necessary that there should be sufficient means to make the journey, so is it that there should be funds available for the completion of pilgrimage rituals. If the property of a person is destroyed in his country or during the journey, pilgrimage is not obligatory on them, as it is a manifestation that they are not financially able from the beginning. The same applies to the payment of a debt that becomes due, such as for, inadvertently, destroying the property of another person, and that it would not be possible to compensate the victim if the available funds were to be used for performing pilgrimage.

However, if a person deliberately destroys the property of another, the obligation to perform pilgrimage is not annulled. It remains a duty on their shoulders to be discharged. If they had a property which rendered them of those who have the means, and it was destroyed in their country, this will not be considered as a manifestation that they are not of means from the outset. The pilgrimage they performed will, therefore, count as an obligatory one.