The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 394

If the person, obligated to keep the three-day fast, cannot observe a fast on the seventh of Thil Hijjah, he should keep the two on the eighth and ninth of the month, and the third on his return to Makkah, after performing the ceremonies at Mina. If he is unable to fast on the eighth, he should wait to return from Mina when he should observe the three-day fast together.

As a matter of recommended precaution, on return from Mina, the fast must be observed without undue delay. If the pilgrim becomes unable to keep the fast on return from Mina, he should fast on his way home, or on reaching home; he should not, however, join them with the seven-day, as a matter of recommended precaution.

If it becomes untenable to observe the three days until the birth of the moon of Muharram, he is relieved from the fast; thus, he must offer the hady in the following year.