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Ritual 393

If an animal cannot be found and the cash is not available, the pilgrim must, instead, observe fast for ten days – the seventh, eighth and ninth of Thil Hijjah; the remaining seven days on returning home, as a matter of precaution. The seven-day fasting period must be observed consecutively. Fasting these days in Makkah or en route will not be in order.

If he does not return home, and remains in Makkah, he must wait till his companions get home, or the lapse of one month, before fasting the seven days.

Observing succession in fasting the first three days is a must, whereas it is not a condition for the seven days, although it is recommended as a matter of precaution. Fasting the first three days has to be with the pilgrim wearing his ihram for Umrat-ut-Tamatu’. If he does so before that, it shall not be in order.