The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 384

It is obligatory that the animal to be sacrificed be either a camel, a cow or a sheep. It is not permissible to sacrifice a camel, unless it has completed the age of five years and has entered the sixth. If it is a cow or a goat, it must have completed two years, and as a matter of precaution, entered the third.

If it is lamb, it should have completed the seventh month and entered the eighth, and must, as a matter of precaution, have completed one year of age and entered the second.

If after the hady had been offered, a pilgrim learned that the age of the animal was less than the required one, it will not be acceptable; he will have to have a second go.

It is also necessary that all the parts of animal be sound; it must not be one-eyed, lame, without ears or with damaged horns, etc. Apparently, it should not be castrated (unless another is not found), weak, sick, very old or diseased in both testicles. There is no objection, if the animal’s ears are injured or perforated, although they must, as a matter of precaution, be free from such defects. It must, as a matter of recommended precaution, not have been born without a tail or horns.