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Ritual 380

If a pilgrim forgot to stone on the day of Eid or failed to do so out of ignorance of the rule, he must hasten to rectify the error whenever he remembers or learns of the rule. If he recalls or becomes aware of the rule at night, he must perform rami the next day, unless he is among those permitted to do stoning at night.

Evidently, the pilgrim must, after the excuse for not stoning lapses, hasten to rectify the situation so long as he was still at Mina, and, for that matter, even at Makkah. It could still be done, even after the 13th of Thil Hijjah. However he should, as a matter of precaution, return to Mina, perform rami, and repeat the procedure in the following year in person or through a proxy.

If he recalls or learns of the rule after leaving Makkah, there is no need to return to Mina; in the following year, he must either perform rami in person or through a proxy, as a matter of recommended precaution (al ahwatil awla).