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Ritual 329

If a pilgrim forgets to say tawaf prayer, but realizes the lapse after sa’y, he should say it immediately. Accordingly, there shall be no need to repeat the sa’y, although one may do so as a matter of precaution. If he remembers it in the course of sa’y, he should interrupt it and say the prayer at the Maqam and then return to completing sa’y from where he had interrupted it.

If he remembers it after leaving Makkah, it is obligatory to return and say it at the Maqam, should doing so will not cause inconvenience. If it is not possible to return, he should say it wherever he remembers it. Even if it is possible to return to the boundary of the Haram, it is not necessary to do so. If one fails to say the prayer out of ignorance, the same rule applicable to the one who forgets shall apply to him.