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Ritual 321

A pilgrim may, deliberately or out of ignorance, fails to perform tawaf for Umrat-ut-Tamatu’. It could then follow that it may not be possible to perform it before zawaal of the wuquf at Arafat. The Umrah is invalid.

If he was ignorant of the rule, a kaffarah of a camel shall be due on him, as a matter of precaution. He must repeat the hajj the following year, as has already been discussed under ‘Conditions of Tawaf’.

If a pilgrim deliberately fails to perform the tawaf for Hajj, and it is not possible to rectify the omission, due to lack of time, the hajj is invalid. He is obliged to repeat the pilgrimage in the following year.

If he did so out of ignorance, the kaffarah is a camel.