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Ritual 291

If the bleeding commences when a lady, in a state of ihram, is in the course of tawaf, and if it occurs before completing the fourth round, the tawaf is invalid, and the rule in this case is as stated above.If, however,it occurs after the fourth round, what was performed is valid;it is obligatory, though, to complete the remainder of the tawaf after ghusl. In both the situations, as a matter of precaution, time permitting, she should perform a complete tawaf afterwards.

Contrariwise, she should perform sa’y and taqseer, wear the ihram for Hajj and on her return to Makkah from Mina;after completingthe devotional acts there, she should perform the tawaf by way of qadha, before performingtawaf for jj as stated above.