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Ritual 290

If in the course of Umrat-ut-Tamatu, a lady, whether in a state of ihram or not, starts her monthly period;there may not be sufficient time for performingUmrah. She should wait for the period to be over, perform ghusl and Umrah. If, however, the time is short, two possibilities could arise:

1. if the period commenced before assuming ihram, she should change to Hajj-ul-Ifrad; on completing Hajj rituals, it is obligatory on her to perform Umrat-ul-Mufradah, where possible.

2. if the period commences after wearingihram, she is free to either performHajj-ul-Ifraad, as outlined in the preceding paragraph, or perform the ceremonies of Umrat-ut-Tamatu, without performing tawaf and its prayer. After sa’y, she should perform taqseer, andthen wear ihram for Hajj. On returning to Makkah, after completing the rituals at Mina, she should performtawaf of Umrah, before performing tawaf for the Hajj.

If even then the bleeding continued and, she was convinced, that it will continue until after the return from Mina, she should hire an agent to perform the tawaf for her. She should perform the sa’y herself.