The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 269

Sheltering is of two kinds:

1.By using an umbrella, the roof of a vehicle, an aeroplane, and the like. This is forbidden for men, in a state of ihram, if the shade is above the head. However, it is allowed to be in the shade of a moving cloud. Evidently (adhhar), there is no objection to the shade covering one side of the body only. For example, pedestrians walking beside a car producing a shade on one side.

As a matter of precaution, riders must avoid shade, unless the shade, produced from both sides, is so short that it does not cover the head and chest of the pilgrim.

2. By being under fixed objects like the shade of walls, tunnels, trees, mountains, etc. Evidently, being under such shade is allowed for a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, whether riding or on foot. There is no objection to protecting oneself from the sun with one’s bare hands, although it is advisable to refrain from it, as a matter of precaution.