The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 209

For killing a sand grouse, partridge or francolin and their likes, the penalty is a lamb which has been weaned and feeds on grass. For killing a sparrow, a lark and the like, evidently, the penalty is one mud of food. For killing other birds, such as pigeons, the penalty is a sheep.

The penalty for killing their young ones, is a lamb or the young of a goat. If their eggs were broken, the penalty is a dirham (3.456 gms. of silver), if there is no foetus; if otherwise, the ruling is the same as that for the young ones of a bird and out of caution the young lamb feeding on its own.

For killing a locust, the penalty will be a date; if more than one was killed, the penalty will be a handful of food, which is preferable; If the killings are repeated, the kaffarah should be repeated too; if the killing was abundant, it will be a sheep.