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Ritual 186

The obligation is to recite talbiyah once; it is though mustahab to repeat it as many times as one possibly can. As a matter of precaution, a person performing Umrat-ut-Tamatu’ must stop the recitation of talbiyah on sighting the houses of old Makkah. The point for those arriving at Makkah, via its upper approaches, from the route of Madinah is of Madniyeen. The point for those arriving via its lower approaches is Aqabat Thi Tawa.

As a matter of precaution too, those performing Umrat-ul-Mufradah must stop the recitation on entering the Haram, if they have arrived from outside Makkah. Those who have gone outside Makkah, only to wear ihram from adnal hil, should cease the recitation on sighting the Holy Ka’ba. Those performing all types of Hajj must stop the recitation at zawaal (noon) on the day of Arafat.