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Ritual 155

If the obligation of a person is to perform Hajj-ut-Tamatu’, he cannot change it to Ifraad or Qiraan. There can be an exception, if a pilgrim embarks on Umrat-ut-Tamatu’, then finds the time too limited to complete the Umrah and commence the Hajj, he can change his intention (niyyah) to Hajj-ul-Ifraad and perform Umrat-ul-Mufradah after the Hajj.

The test as to how much time would be considered too limited to complete the Umrah is a matter of difference between the scholars. However, it is apparent that he must change his intention, if he cannot complete the Umrah before midday of the staying (wuquf) in Arafat, i.e. the 9th of Thil Hijjah.