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Ritual 151

If a pilgrim completes the rituals for Umrat-ut-Tamatu’, it is obligatory on him to perform the Hajj. As a matter of precaution, it is not permissible for him to leave Makkah without performing Hajj. However, if he wishes to do so, even if it is not necessary, and there is no fear of missing the Hajj, and if he is sure he can return to Makkah to wear ihram in time, it is evident that he can depart from Makkah without ihram.

And if he is not so sure, it is obligatory on him to wear the ihram for Hajj in Makkah. Only then can he depart and head for Arafat in the same ihram. It is not permissible for a person who has performed Umrat-ut-Tamatu’ to leave Hajj out of choice, even though it is a recommended one. However, if it was not possible to perform Hajj, he should consider it Umrah Mufradah; accordingly, he should perform Tawafun Nisa.