The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ritual 149

It is obligatory on the pilgrim to be prepared to undertake the requirements of the pilgrimage on approaching the ninth of Thil Hijjah. There are thirteen compulsory acts of worship in obligatory pilgrimage:

1. wearing ihram in Makkah, details of which will follow;

2. staying in Arafat from noon on the ninth of Thil Hijjah, after adequate time has elapsed after zawaal to carry out ghusl and say Dhuhr and Asr prayers jointly (jam’an), till sunset. Arafat is situated about twelve miles from Makkah;

3. staying in Muzdalifah part of the eve of Eid-ul-Adhha till sunrise on the day of the Eid. Muzdalifah is situated between Arafat and Makkah;

4. stoning (rami) Jamrat-ul-Aqabah in Mina on the day of the Eid. Mina is situated about three miles from Makkah;

5. slaughtering an animal in Mina on the day of Eid;

6. shaving the head or removing some hair in Mina. On completion of these acts, matters forbidden during ihram become lawful except [having sexual intercourse with one’s] woman, perfume and hunting;

7. tawaf (tawaf-uz-ziyarah) on returning to Makkah;

8. prayers after tawaf;

9. sa’y between Safa and Marwah. At this stage wearing perfume becomes lawful;

10. Tawafun Nisa;

11. prayers after Tawafun Nisa;

12. remaining in Mina during the eve of the eleventh and twelfth and, in certain circumstances which will be explained below, the eve of the thirteenth [Thil Hijjah] also;

13. stoning all the three jamarat on the eleventh and twelfth and, evidently (al adhhar), if the pilgrim is there on the thirteenth.