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Ritual 146

When a person resides in Makkah and wishes to perform Hajj-ut-Tamatu’ before the change of his obligation to Hajj-ul-Ifraad or Qiraan, it has been said that he can wear ihram for Umrat-ut Tamatu’ from Adnal Hil (nearest Meqats to Makkah, such Hudaibiyyah, Ja’ranah, and at-Tan’eem Mosque).

However, it is arguable (ishkal) that, as a matter of precaution, he must wear it at one of the Meqats. Indeed, as a matter of precaution he should wear ihram at the Meqat used by the people of his own country. It is apparent (alal adhhar) that this rule applies to those residing in Makkah and wishing to perform Hajj-ut- Tamatu’, albeit a recommended one.