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Ritual 137

It is mustahab to perform umrat-ul- mufradah in every month of the year. However, observing a gap of thirty days between every two such optional pilgrimages is not a must. That is, you can perform Umrah in the end of one month, and another at the beginning of another month.

It is not permissible to perform two such optional pilgrimages in the same month. There is no objection to a person performing two optional pilgrimages, one for himself or another person and the other in the hope that it will gain him thawab; or one for himself and the other for another person, or both of them for another person, or if one is Mufradah and the other Tamatu”.

So if a person has performed Umrat-ul-Mufradah, it is permissible for him to perform Umrat-ut-Tamatu” consecutively in the same month. Similar too is the rule on performing an Umrat-ul-Mufradah on completion of an obligatory pilgrimage. However, it is not permissible to perform an optional pilgrimage between Umrat-ut-Tamatu’ and obligatory pilgrimage.

However, if he stayed in Makkah until the day of tarwiyah, intending to perform pilgrimage, Umrat-ul-Mufradah will his Tamatu’; he should then perform Hajj-ut-Tamatu’ thereafter.