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Ritual 127

If the pilgrimage is optional, there is no objection to a number of people becoming agents in one year on behalf of one person, living or dead, gratuitously or for reward. The same rule applies to obligatory pilgrimages, if they are many. For example, there may be two pilgrimages obligatory on a person, living or dead, in respect of two vows, or one of them may be Hajjatul Islam and the other obligatory by reason of a vow. In such circumstances, it is permissible to appoint two agents, each to perform one of them.

Similarly, it is permissible to appoint two agents, one of them in respect of an obligatory pilgrimage and the other an optional one. It is not far from correct to say that two persons can be appointed agents for the same obligatory pilgrimage like Hajjatul Islam, as a matter of precaution, in the fear that the pilgrimage of one of them may be spoiled.