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Fiqh: The One-Fifth Tax (Khums)

Long term investing in stocks

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/04/2022 - 13:55

Alaikum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakathu Team,I had 2 questions regarding Khums on stocks where I wanted to gain a better understanding of the long-term approach to Khums liabilities. Assuming that my yearly khums date is Nov 30th and I plan to invest in stocks this month (In September 2021).Q1:If I want to invest e.g $1000 in Sep 2021, $1000 in October 2021, $1000 in November 2021, should I pay khums that is liable from …


Paying Khums and Zakat for the first time

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 28/02/2022 - 16:42

Salaams,I hope you are well.I am a Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri looking to pay his Khums and Zakaat for the first time. Having read the Khums guide on the World Federation website, I am confused as to how to go about matters, especially the fact that I ideally should have paid Khums and Zakaat before(or at the very least, deduced whether I needed to pay it, even if it has not been necessary …


Zakat and Khums on plot

Submitted by Qaiser on Tue, 05/10/2021 - 18:19

Aslam o Alaikum!I had money for the plot which I bought. According to the agreement, I have given a portion of the money to the residential scheme owner and rest of the money I will give him after getting NOC for the residential scheme which will take some years. So, I kept that remaining money in the bank in salary saving account and getting profit with variable percentage. Now, I have a …


A few queries regarding khums?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 14/08/2021 - 23:30

Salam alay komRegarding Sayid Sistani rulings on khums, I have become a bit confused :At the end of this khums year I currently have 9000gbp in my account.   Approximately 1000 of this will be needed to cover this month’s expenses, so after the monthly expenses are removed, I will have approximately 8000 remaining.  I also have a car loan I am paying off monthly but this has a balloon (5000 lump) payment …


We save money from our pay, we spend it for bussiness purposes,do we need to pay zakat or khums on that?

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/07/2021 - 14:12

a.o.a I want to ask that 1. I have gold approx 10-12 tola which I received as dowry from my parents and inlaws as well. Do I need to pay zakat on that?? or khums??2. My husband and me, both are working people, and the money we save from our pay, we spend it for bussiness purposes,do we need to pay zakat or khums on that?? my husband salary is around 3 …


Does khums apply on money that one saves for the purchase of a house or for a wedding.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/02/2021 - 12:58

Hello.I currently need to pay khums and have 2 issues.I am saving for a house. My father has inherited me a house in a different country however the value of this house is small compared to me purchasing a house in the UK. As I am saving to buy a house in the UK, do I need to pay Khums as there is no khums on saving for a house to reside …


Khums on Capital

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/10/2020 - 15:13

Bismillah,Let’s say I have saved £1000, I then pay khums on the amount at the end of the year, which would be £200. I now have £800, I would like use this as a purpose of business by buying a stock worth £800. Do I have to pay khums when buying the stock?


Khums on little earnings

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 24/09/2020 - 21:07

I am an elderly lady and have recently lost my job, and now am dependant on my kids, however recently have started cooking rotis just to save for a rainy day. But I dont earn much, per month I make less than £50.00 pounds, and I feel that I still need to pay khums on it by the end of the year. Please can you confirm it for me …


Rulings on Khums for stock and dividends

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 26/08/2020 - 14:24

Salaams.I have two questions1) I want to invest money in the stock exchange. Do I have to pay khums before I invest?2) I have earned my dividends from the stock and I plan to reinvest them back into the stock to grow my portfolio. Is there khums on the dividends as well?


ruling of Khums

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 26/08/2020 - 08:35

I have a Khums related questions:Since I and my wife have started working, all our combined income goes towards monthly Bills and expenses. Our expenses are just everyday essentials nothing extravagant but at the end of each month we don’t have anything left and we have to rely on credit card. We have some food items left in the house till the next payday. We have never paid khums to date because …