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Fiqh: Marriage

Husband is cheating on me again and again

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 29/11/2023 - 11:34

AoaMy question is my husband is cheating on me again and again. He knows that I know everything but he never accepts it and always says I am wrong. Besides our fights, he always takes care of me and my kids. IHave asked him 1000 times to divorce me but he is not even. The girl who he is talking to has taken a false oath on the Quran as well that …


Sex without insertion.

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 31/10/2023 - 01:03

Salaamun alaikumAlhamdulillah we are married and have 3 kids.Our 3rd kid was unplanned so after that due to the fear of getting pregnant again,we do have sex but without insertion. We do use the necessary precaution and both of us do reach climax…my question is that is it wrong that we do it without insertion ?Is it a sin or do we need to give any kaffara?Jazakallah khair.Wasalaam


Is marriage permissible after the month of Safar?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 10/09/2023 - 06:41

I was set to remarry on the 1st Rabi Al Awwal, but my fiance’s family are adamant that this is not allowed as we are still in the mourning period. The issue arises as it is very hard for me to move the date forward as it will mean my mother cannot attend. Because of her health and financial status it’s hard for her to travel multiple times to see me.Is it …


Would this be a valid Mutah Nikha?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 05/08/2023 - 18:01

Salam brother,My question is, a Shia man and sunni woman were getting to know each other over the phone and on the third day the man said to the woman that they would need to get married as talking like this is wrong. So the man recited something and the woman repeated the words and he then stated there were married. Is this true? Would a muta marriage be valid? There was …


Issues in Husband and wife relationship

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/07/2023 - 04:41

Assalam o alaikumI am a married woman who is struggling as a wife and a mother and don’t really know what to do. One of the reasons for agreeing to this marriage was my husband’s interest and knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence and Fiqh. However, things are not quite really as I had thought. We live in UK and we share 2 children between us and 2 children from his ex spouse (4 …


Marrying a woman who cannot become pregnant

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 17/05/2023 - 06:10

Can I marry a woman who cannot bear children, she cannot become pregnant, but I will marry also another one who can become pregnant, so I will have two wives, one of which cannot become pregnant??


Am I going against the Imam zamin, if I say no for the Nikha?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 26/03/2023 - 18:55

AoA ,You are doing great work Mashallah!I am here with a question about my current situation first I am telling you my complete story which is that  My father and mother financially support me in studies and few days back my mother sawa Shia girl for me and discussed with me for my Nikah with her. She convinced my Dad to make this happen but dad was not willing for this Nikha …


Rights of girl in her marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/01/2023 - 18:27

Salam,I was getting married to a boy in 2020 and I had asked for bari which includes ‘lehenga’ ONLY (No jewelry or designer thing) just a wedding dress. And I did not ask for anything else apart from clothes because it was my desire to look good on the wedding day which was termed as demand by the family of the boyBut the mother of the boy said that I am demanding …


What would be the best dua to recite for a blessed marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 28/11/2022 - 06:09

My daughter is getting married and I would like to make dua for her and soon to be husband .What would be the best to recite for such blessings.I am doing this with a group of friends ..Thank you


Islamically is Separation a thing?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 12/11/2022 - 21:06

I have been married for 15 years and have 4 kids with this man. Since 2018 things have been rocky due to me finding out about his Infidelity and previous affairs. I tried everything to patch up things between us. He wants to do Nikah with the woman he cheated with. In the past 4 years after finding out about his affair he has physically abused me twice (one time I was …