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Ziyarat Ashura amal for more than 40 days


Asalam Alaikum,

I have been in the practice of carrying out amal e Ashura on every day but recently someone told me that carrying out amal for more than 40 consecutive days is not allowed since there are chances of the person being possessed by jinn/moakil. Please guide and enlighten me in this matter.


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

Performing the A’amal of Ashura every day is an excellent practice,  and there is no such thing as being possessed by Jinn. 

These authentic Ziarats and other Duas have positive and great effects on one’s life and will never bring negative effects.

Good actions are said to be carried out for 40 or more than 40 days to have a positive effect.

It is essential to pay attention to the fact that in addition to reciting with tongue, it is important to pay attention to its content and believe in those content and act on them in order to have a greater effect and achieve higher perfections.

There are many virtues for reciting Ziarate Ashura.

The sacred Effusion Volume 1:

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May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider