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Zina or child sexual abuse


My wife confess that she had done zina 10-15 times with her teacher in the age of 16-18 years without her knowledge that is zina and its a grave sin.He tricked her that it is nothing wrong u should come out of your world and see outside and she believed him. she thought this is love and she knew he is already married and have kids and she have no idea about sex nor sexual desire.she dont about her private part and virginity also.she thought something cut from inside when she bleeds.
 in her 10grade he use to molest,sexually assault her and she didnt know what is hapening and she didnt tel any1 out of fear and succeded.
He take advantage of her and he did what he was planning she plead nt to do  anything and she cried but he didnt listen and he told her not to tell anyone and 
she didnt tell anyone coz she dont know its zina/sex.she thought this is love.
what she knows is that we are doing something by hiding is wrong.after 5-6 times she came to know its called sex still she dont know its zina/haram.she was very innocent.she believe him very much but she dont what he was doing to her.he always manipulate her when little bit she came to her sense and tel her this is nothing wrong,girls should be like this.after 2years she finally came to her sense and she realize this is not love and he is just using her for his own pleasure.
She repent to Allah(SWT) fr her action.
is it zina even in ignorance and innocence r child sexual abuse.
both r responsible for this sin or only teacher.



Thank you for your question. A lady who is completely innocent in the way that she is unaware of what zina is, what sexual relations are, what her private parts are and so on and is manipulated into sexual acts, is an innocent party in those acts. This answer is in accordance to a question asked to the office of Ayatullah Khamanai in the same regard.

May you always be successful

Zohair Ali