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Is our nikkha valid??


Dear whom it may concern, I hope someone sees my message and replies. I really need your help.

Here is the story: I met my now husband at a young age we had been together for 5 years before we decided to get married. We were both virgins and God is our witness. Before our set marriage date we did zina. My husband to avoid any further haram suggested we do a temporary marriage contract (motaa3) for a week. We then got married before the temporary contract ended. My husband went back to the molana who did our marriage and told him this fact, which the molana replied ‘that means your initial marriage is of no value’ so the molana arranged for this mistake to be fixed by re doing our marriage rituals (with myself, my husband and the molana only present due to the fact that the first time everything was done correctly and only this subject was a misunderstanding) Up until now, both myself and my husband are unsure whether we are in a lawful marriage in the eyes of Allah or not. Please give me your opinion on the fact and put my mind to peace. So we can move past this mistake and begin writing our wrong.

Thank you


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question.

5Question: If an unmarried lady and a man have had pre-marital sex, are they allowed to enter marriage contract (Nikah) with each other?
Answer: Yes, they are allowed, after their repentance.

According to the above ruling your nikaah is valid

Zahra Davdani.