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Multiple Zikr in Ruku wa Sujood



1.To recite Zikr e Ruku Wa Sujood only once but with Durood also.

2.To recite Zikr multiple times without Durood.

What is better and more rewarding option ??


Salaam Alaykum.

1058. It is better in normal situation to say SubHanallah three times, or SubHana Rabbiy al-A’la wa bi Hamdihi once. And he should utter these words in succession and in correct Arabic. Actually, as an obligatory precaution, uttering any Zikr to this extent is sufficient. And it is Mustahab that SubHana Rabbiyal A’la wa bi Hamdihi should be said three, five or seven times, or more.

1037. It is better that in normal situations one should say in Ruku,
SubHanallah three times or SubHana Rabbiyal ‘ADheemi wa bi hamdih once. But actually, uttering any Zikr to this extent is sufficient. However, if namaz time is short, or if one is under any pressure, it will be sufficient to say SubHanallah once.

There is no specific narration on the comparison of both these things (above mentioned Zikr and Durood). They are equally important especially when your intention is to glorify Ahlul Bayt (as) due to their extra ordinary efforts to preserve these dhikr.