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Zakat on Loan, Salary & Assets


I have 5,71.000 Rupees in Bank and 2,50000 in hand. Apart from that i have given 90.000 to my brother as loan. I also got loan upto 1.00.000. which i pay back from my salary. Should i pay Zawakat for the money which i have given as loan or not? Should i minus 1,00,000 money which i got loan from the money which is with me in hand? I mean Zawakat on 8.21.000 only.Or all money.

I also get pay which fulfills my expenses in a difficult way. should i pay zawakwat on that.

I also have plots should i pay zawakat for it?


As per the view of Ayatull….Sistani,

Zakat is not obligatory in that. Zakat should be given from the following items: Wheat, Barley, Dates, Raisins, Coined Gold & Silver, Camel, Cow, Sheep (including goat)

Money deposited in bank does not have obligatory zakat. Rather, khums is payable on it, if it is not spent for expenses in a complete lunar year.

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