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Can zakat be given as sadaqa e jaria for my parents


i have donated zakat for a tube well and made the neyah of sadaqa e jaria for my parents. is it ok?


Wa Alaikum al_Salam

Thank you for your Question

You can give sadaqa with this great Niyyah (intention) or you can make it as Waqf (hubous) which is sadaqa e jaria.

(according to Ayatollah sistani waqf doesn’t have any particular mechanism just intension is enough:

But if you gave your obligatory zakat, you should know that obligatory zakat must be given with Qurba intention and

obligatory zakat has its own use, so, you can spent it in this way with permission from your mujtahid/ marja .

Hope this was useful
AAS team under the guidance of Sheikh musayyibih