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Zakat al Fitrah for Our Guests



We are expecting some family over this Eid. The boy is my cousin (shia). They are travelling from Dubai with the intention of tourism. Out of they 10-12 day stay they are coming to visit us for 2-3 days . Their first night here may be the night before Eid. They are expected to arrive home before maghrib. My cousin’s wife(who is a sunni) and children are accompanying him. Also his wife’s father and brother (sunnis) are now coming along to stay with us too. Their Eid will probably be a day before. If they have already celebrated Eid on the Tuesday and arrive at ours that night and if our Eid falls on the Wed or

Thurs whilst they are we us, are we obliged to pay all of their fitrah? Or can I assume they would have already paid their fitrah and I should just pay my cousin’s.

Please clarify. JazakAllah


Alaykum Salaam

If they arrive before maghrib on Eid day and stay as your guests overnight, then you have to pay Zakat Fitra for each of them, irrespective of their madhab and whether they have paid Fitra. If they arrive after maghrib on Eid night and stay as your guests, then it becomes mustahab to do so.

Kind regards and Eid Mubarak

Abbas Jaffer