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Zakaat applicability on gold jewellery


Assalam o Alaikum,

My wife have approximately 10 tola Gold and some unused items from her jahez. My salary is 30,000 from which we meet our monthly expenses hardly. We have no other savings. As we dont have any other source to pay zakat on Gold we have, my wife want to keep some Gold’s portion in the name of our daughter’s custody in sake of her future protection. Please guide as if doing this our obligation for zakat still remains or we are free from zakat obligation. Timely reply would be highly appreciated. JazakAllah


بسم تعالی

الهم صل الله محمد و آله

Salamu Alaykum

Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well

Zakat on gold is applicable only to gold that was used as a means of trade i.e. gold coins and not jewellery. So zakat is not applicable in the situation described above.

Insha Allah I hope this answers your question

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Was Salams
Yesaar Ebrahim