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Youth Issues of relationship with female


Aoa, I am a 20 year old muslim guy i live in pakistan and things here are really bad for a bachelor. I recently did my A levels from a school in lahore, while in the process i fell in love with a friend of mine. From the start we maintained a distance and no one broke it. But i fell for her and she got to know about it somehow, she was in real shock and started to distance herself from me and I really respect what she did. Now it has been 7 months but i still haven’t moved on. I prayed to Allah to take me out of this and guide me towards the straight path at the same time I prayed to Allah to make her my spouse in near future (when im settled). Now i dont know is it permissible to ask about this thing from Allah and what should i do until I’m settled should i keep contact with her or no? As we talk occasionally that too about studies. And will this be considered wrong according to the law? I really need help in this please reply to my questions. Thank you

Salamun Alaykum
If she is not interested in having a relationship then you must respect that and keep your distance so that you do not stray into haram. Ask Allah instead to give you the strength to keep your iman.
Inshallah when the time is right you can begin talks with her through her parents or other relatives or with someone else.
Kind regards
Abbas Jaffer