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Will my zakaat be paid if I have given my gold to someone in need as a form of paying zakaat?


Assalam walaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu sisters, I am a married women for almost 3yrs but since our wedding my husband has to pay debts, as they had to build a house and to satisfy marriage expenses. Due to which it becomes difficult to save a penny or pay zakaah all of a sudden at one go. Therefore I would like to know, as I had given one of my jewellery with an intention of zakaat (thinking if it would help to pay off my future zakaat) to a marrying girl whose father is an unemployed man. But my question is will my zakaat be paid off, as I didn’t sell my jewellery I gave it as it is, and will it help in future years as the value of gold is higher than the zakaat amount?.


Salam alaykum,

Thank you very much for your question. According to Shia fiqh, no zakat is required on gold or silver unless it is in the form of (1) coins that (2) are presently used as currency. Therefore, your jewelry is not subject to ‘zakat.’ If you are asking the ruling of some other Islamic school of thought you may ask a more relevant authority on the matter. I hope that helps, inshallah.

Khudah Hafiz

Shiraz Husain Agha