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Wudhu related questions.


Salaam Alaykum

please can you advise on the following 2 questions? Thanks

Q1) due to a stomach condition, there is excessive gas. Therefore it is not always possible to complete namaaz in wudhu. I understand there is a ruling by Ayatollah Sistani, that means there is no need to redo wudhu if passed wind during namaaz in such circumstances. So my question is can I use one wudhu for both prayers or I have to redo wudhu for example after Maghrib (having passed wind), to pray Isha?


Q2) Applying sun screen lotion Or mosquito repellents on arm and face, would this be considered barrier to wudhu?




Al-Salam Alaykum

  1. If you can hold yourself and finish Salat without Mustahabat it is Wajib for you to leave Mustahabat and finish the Salat without Mustahabat. If you can not hold even that much one Wuzu is enough for Salat you pray without considerable time gap.
  2. If the water toches your skin it is not a problem. However if it is that thick which your skin does not get wet, it is considered a barrier.

    Sayyid Madani