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Wudhu and Namaz


Asalamu Alaikum,I find it difficult to keep wudu sometimes due to a problem. I know that I can do salah as an excused person. I read online that the excuse has to continue for an entire salah time, not giving enough time to do salah (without the excuse) and then atleast once for every salah time after to stay excused. My question is that it is difficult to be paying attention to my excuse for an entire salah time to see if I qualify to be excused. It would be difficult to see if my excuse occurs every five minutes. Am I missing something? Sometimes my excuse is better than other times, but sometimes it causes me to miss salah. Also, I know the one that has an excuse for wudu has to make a new wudu for each salah time. However, if the salah times run into eachother, is this still necessary. For example, if one makes wudu for asr prayer and then finishes just as maghrib is starting, does one have to leave to go make a new wudu?Also, I read the an imam who suffers from an excuse (such as incontinence or the like) is not allowed to lead a normal healthy person in salah. This seems quite unfair because the excuse is not the fault of the person suffering from the excuse. If it is not a distraction to the healthy persons prayer, then it should be permitted. What is your opinions on this matter? A final question I have is that if one has impurity on ones clothes and one is out and unable to clean it and the time for the salah is running out, is it better to miss the salah or pray the salah with the impurity on ones clothes (or even skin). If the person does the salah, does it have to be made up later on? Thank you


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam
Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Please refer to the following link and rulings 313-321: Wudhu
Item 315 specifically applies to your questions.
There should be no reason why you should need to miss your prayers at all.

With regards to your question about being an Imam and it being unfair, these rulings are for the better of the entire society and what we may thing is good may be actually bad with out us realising and visa versa. When the Creator, who created us, tells us this is better for us and sets
rules for us, then He knows best. He is after all, the All- Knower, The Wise.

Prayers must be performed in a pure stayed so try to purify it with some little water, kurr water, or even remove the item of clothing if possible. Prayers should not be missed for any reason.

Here are some Q+A regarding issues of prayers: Namaz


S.L. Al-Hakim