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Would this be a valid Mutah Nikha?


Salam brother,

My question is, a Shia man and sunni woman were getting to know each other over the phone and on the third day the man said to the woman that they would need to get married as talking like this is wrong. So the man recited something and the woman repeated the words and he then stated there were married. Is this true? Would a muta marriage be valid? There was no mention of mahr or even a time period. And they have never met.


Al-Salam Alaykum
Thank you for your question

No. it is not a valid marriage as the one who recites the Khutba must know the meaning of what he\she is reciting. Also, You must know if they do not mention the period in a temporary marriage, it would turn into a permanent marriage.
Besides the above, it is mandatory for a virgin girl to obtain her father or paternal grandfather permission. otherwise, the Nikah is void

Best regards
Sayyid Madani