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Would Sharing an experience be considered as Gheebat?


I’ve learned that if we talk about someone to another person in a way the the person being mentioned will not like it then it’s considered as gheebat. Now I wanted to ask that can a person talk about some other person while telling their life story or sharing their sorrows. Now there has to be someone who hurt you in life so are you allowed to share that incident or not because if you do the there will be mention of that person who hurt you and obviously he won’t like being wrong in front of someone else.
And what if I wanna warn someone about a person like there was someone who harmed me in anyway and now someone related to me has started to trust him just the way I did. Now is it right if I tell the person I’m related to what kind of a person the other guy is or will it be considered gheebat.


Alaykum Al-Salam

Even though Gheebat is one of the great sins some times because of some other benefits which are greater, the gheebat is allowed. one of them is when some one is consulting you, (for marriage or work with etc)
but mentioning others in your memories is not necessary when you want to pass your experiences. so if it is gheebat is not allowed
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Sheikh Madan.