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Would my Income be haram, if I lied to the Insurance company.


I am currently a food delivery driver and I deliver in my car which is rented from a friend. My insurance policy says I must buy the car in order for me to be insured so I lied and told them I bought the car however, its rented. furthermore, I also lied about my no claims bonus so the price goes down and is affordable for me. My employer said I do deliveries in a car company I need food insurance so I told them I do it on a bike when I actually do it in a car. So considering that I lied to my insurance company and I am working in a car which was insured through lying and I am also not telling my employer the truth will be income be haram.


Assalamu alaykum

For your query I phoned the office of Sayyid Sistani and the following is
what they had to say:

Your income from food delivery is Halal. Although lying is a sin and you should definitely avoid the act.However, any gain or profit that you might make from the Insurance company, would be haram.

Kind regards