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Would it be a sin if we think hours about blasphemous things without believing or endorsing them?


We can think hours about a mathematical problem and we have no sin on it. Would it be the same if you thought for hours about blasphemous things without believing or endorsing them? I mean you bring to mind in graphic details very brutal blasphemous things.A book that denounces shia islam said that shia did a ritual with a female vagina saying that from there we have come and there we will return.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

I’m unable to understand your last statement about the book. Should you wish, you can resend your query to us.

However, for the first part, it is important to understand:

Power of contemplation and thinking is a distinctive character of human being. Allah has blessed us with this power so that we grow and prosper.

Infact in Islam, Thinking  (_TAFAKUR_) is known to be a form of Worship (_Ibadah_).

Hence, if a believer is having thoughts that are not enhancing his growth and are rather taking him on a reverse course, then this is not thinking. It isn’t called contemplation any more. Rather is a regressive behavior on his side.

A person thinking on mathematics, is doing so to reach a conclusion that will bring further development in it. How is Having blasphemous thoughts bringing any progress to you or our race?

It is a different story, if one has questions on Allah (az)  and the faith that He has sent on us a huge favour. There are ways to ask questions and learn from the vast realm of knowledge that already exists and waiting to quench the thirst of those that are in search of reality.

Staying in blasphemous thoughts does not only not help one. Rather, it takes the person into deep swamps of doubts, depression and anxiety.

May Allah help us all and guide us on the right path