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Would I be deceiving if I claim I am a Virgin?


In the past, I have had haram contact with guys to the point where I gave oral sex. However, I have never had intercourse. I have deeply regretted my actions and have completely turned away from having haram contact with men.

But if I want to get married to a guy that says he only wants to marry a Virgin, what should I do? I have never had intercourse, but I did commit haram actions with guys. I do not want to deceive him and I would like our marriage to be blessed by Allah. Should I turn down the marriage proposal? Am I still considered a Virgin? If so, is it right for me to want to marry only a Virgin?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

Once a person has repented over an act that is disliked by Allah (az), (most inportant that s/he has never gone back to the act again) then you too need to move on.

InshaAllah Allah has forgiven you.

Since, you have never had an Intercourse then you’re virgin. And there is no need to disclose your past mistakes to anyone. More so, because you completely turned away from that.

You should certainly consider any decent proposal.

InshaAllah all goes well my sister