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Worship in Month of Ramadhan


As-salamu Alikum,

What the best worship to do in last 10 night of Ramadan? In Masjaid after Trawih the do again congregation Salah 8 Rakaht (Call Night Salah). Best to join them in salah or best to do individual worship or salaah?

Jazakum Allahu Khyrun



Alaikum Salaam

The best acts of worship during the last 10 nights of the holy month of
Ramadhan are: Recitation of the holy Quran, recommended night prayers and
the different supplications (duas) that are mentioned in the famous book
Mafatih al Jinan (also available on Special importance
should be given to seeking forgiveness and imploring Allah (swt)’s
attention on us, as well as asking Allah (swt) for help in regards to the
performance of our duties and responsibilities.

Recommended prayers, like tarawih or the night prayers, cannot be
performed in jama’a, i.e. they must be recited alone, whether you recite
them at mosque or at home.


Miqdad Rajabali